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Ever wonder about those massage clinics with super low "1 hour" massage prices? The truth is that most of those places are not giving you a full hour of massage. Read the fine print and you'll see that these massages are as low as 45 minutes, with the rest of the time being designated for "dressing and undressing". You still pay about $1 a minute. Thats not a discount at all.

In order to lock in these special prices, you usualy have to pay a club fee and sign a contract for up to a year. Every month they still get a fee, whether you get a massage or not. Not only will you be robbed of massage minutes, you could be losing money if you decide not to come in that month for your contracted massage.

Ever wonder how they can offer such low prices? Most of the time it comes out of the massage therapists pocket. The company takes most of the money, and the therapists get relatively little, compared to a traditional day spa. We've interviewed past therapists working at discount massage clinics and found that after a while they became bitter, and as a result (they admitted) their massages suffered. Even if you end up being happy with your massage therapist, most of the time the therapist is considered an employee and has signed a contract saying she won't have any contact with you should she leave the massage clinic for another place of employment.

Our advice is to read all the fine print and ask as many questions as possible. Don't feel bad asking the receptionist 50 questions, that's what she's there for. Be sure you are getting your money's worth for your massage, and that those seemingly super deals don't end up rubbing you the wrong way.

Discount & Club Massage
What questions should I ask a "cheap massage" clinic?
  • How many minutes of actual massage do I get?
  • Is the clock out front the same time as the clock in the massage room? (Be sure to check for yourself)
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
  • What happens if I pay my monthly fee and I don't use my massage? What if I get sick? What if I am not satisfied? (99% of the time you are out of luck)
  • If my massage therapist leaves to another shop, can I follow her?
  • What is your criteria for hiring therapists?

We wish you luck in your quest for a massage therapist. Once you visit us you'll see why A Bit of Bliss Day Spa is most welcoming place for massage in Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, and perhaps even ANYWHERE!

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