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About this case:

This client had fair skin and white brows. She was tired of penciling her brows everyday, but was concerned that permanent makeup would not blend well with her fair brow hair. As you can see in the after pics, the color looks soft and natural, and blends so beautifully with her fair brow hair that they are now virtualy undetectable. In fact, this clients brows healed so natural looking that her own daughter did not detect she had permanent brows done. She thought she was softly penciling them in as usual!

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Click For Directions To Apache Junctions Most Charming Day Spa!

A note about permanent makeup photos:
Photos may include pictures before, immediately after, and/or completely healed procedures. Its not always possible to take photos of completely healed procedures, as the client would have to come in just for the photo. Notice the darker pigment color immediately after the procedure, and the slight swelling that may occur especialy with eyeliner procedures. Once healed, both the color and shape, or harshness sometimes seen immediately after, soften to the beautiful look the client was hoping to achieve. This is completely normal and to be expected. All client photos are copyright A Bit Of Bliss Day Spa. Unauthorized use will result in litigation.

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